About Us

A Path Well Traveled.....

Cruise & Tour specializes in escorted travel by land and sea to worldwide destinations. Founded in 1975, the company designs, arranges and hosts a wide variety of first class and deluxe group cruises and tours. The company offers travelers of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to travel with ease, comfort and security to places they would often not feel comfortable visiting on their own.

Whether it's a first cruise to the Caribbean or a safari adventure of a lifetime, as a Cruise & Tour traveler you'll appreciate the careful planning, attention to detail and value that each of our escorted vacations offers. You'll enjoy the company of congenial fellow travelers, some of whom have traveled with us a dozen or more times.

Our Story

With 40 years in the ever changing tourism industry, Cruise & Tour has reinvented itself multiple times. Founded as Downtown Travel in 1975 by company President, Peggy Crull, the company focused primarily on corporate travel and individual vacations. Then in 1987, Cruise & Tour was born with a focus on escorted group travel. As Peggy recalls, “No one even knew what a cruise was at that time. So we went from apartment to apartment and home to home educating people. My how things have changed.” Fast forward to the present and you find a company once again reinvented....this time with an even narrower focus on special interest group travel and an even larger commitment to the client experience. While the industry around us has changed time and again, after forty years in the business our mission remains the same:

To create extraordinary experiences through travel.

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Past Cruise & Tour programs have reached the four corners of the world. . .the Far East . . .Russia . . . Central America. . . Europe. . . Africa . . .the South Pacific . . .not to mention "close to home" destinations like Mexico, the Caribbean and Alaska. But as different as our travel programs are, they all have something in common -- "We don't send you there, we take you there."

Cruise & Tour Owners: Dennis and Peggy Crull

Dennis and Peggy Crull Company founder Peggy Crull has spent the past 43 years in the travel industry and opened Downtown Travel, Inc. (now Cruise & Tour) in 1975. Dennis joined the company in 1983. Together, the Crulls have been on well over 150 cruises and land tours including destinations such as Indonesia, French Polynesia, the Norwegian Fjords, the Galapagos Islands, the Volga River and the Greek Isles. They have escorted well over 120 groups to all seven continents including Antarctica. They have led a group on safari in Kenya, have ridden elephants through the jungles of Thailand, and have traversed Canada and Mexico's Copper Canyon by rail. Their groups have cruised on everything from windjammers to the Queen Mary 2. The thing they love the most about their business? "Meeting people and showing them the wonders of the world!"

Cruise & Tour Vice President: Charlie Crull

Charlie Crull Charlie is a veteran world traveler who is involved in many aspects of the Cruise & Tour operation including sales and marketing, and group travel planning. Charlie, who joined the Cruise & Tour team in 2008, has traveled to all 7 continents including Antarctica. He has visited some of the most remote places on earth including villages in the depths of the Peruvian Amazon, the plains of Kenya, and Galapagos Islands. Charlie resides in Durham, New Hampshire with his wife Maria and son George and enjoys coaching soccer, hiking, fishing and woodworking in his free time.

Director of Operations: Dawn Weltzin

Dawn Weltzin When Dawn joined the company in 1988 as a cruise sales consultant, she was already "hooked" on cruising, having been on five with her husband Mark. Today, Dawn is involved in all phases of our company operation...tour planning...reservations...database management...complete coordination of our groups and your vacation from start to finish. If you have been traveling with Cruise & Tour for years, you have come to know Dawn as a trusted voice on the other end of the phone line. If you're a first-time Cruise & Tour traveler, your vacation plans are in the very best of hands. In their leisure time, one of Dawn and Mark's favorite pastimes is watching NASCAR racing.

Director of Customer Relations: Julie Machado

Julie Machado Julie has made a career out of helping people and is coming to Cruise & Tour with 20 years of experience in customer service and event planning. Her love of travel turned to obsession after spending a year working on a small cruise ship that travelled around the Caribbean and to parts of Canada. Whether it was hiking on the mostly volcanic island of Saba or catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights in Newfoundland for the first time, Julie is always up for her next adventure of traveling off the beaten path. Currently living in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Julie lives with her husband Morrgan, son Max and daughter Emelia. She enjoys entertaining and cooking for family and friends, hiking and spending free moments at the beach.

Cruise & Tour Group Escorts: Elisa and Brian Niesen

Elisa and Brian NeisenElisa has been traveling the world with her family since she was 6 years old, visiting all 7 continents. Since graduating from college, Elisa has been assisting her parents, Dennis and Peggy, escorting groups to India, Egypt, Tahiti and Europe. Her husband Brian shares in Elisa's passion for travel and cultures of other countries. They love spending free time with their daughter Cora. They also enjoy remodeling projects on their home, cooking, entertaining, and sharing good times with family and friends. They are excited to be escorting world wide.