Luxury Tented Camps in Tanzania

A signature of our Tanzania Wildlife Safari is the luxury tented camps that we call home. The term “tented camp” however, can make people think of a small tent with no service to speak of. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. You may be familiar with “glamping,” where camping meets glamour with resort-style services and amenities. Step inside these “tents” and you’re suddenly in a five-star resort with premium beds and gorgeous spa-like bathrooms. I personally “glamped” in Montana and it was among the most high-end accommodations I’ve experienced, with the forest and rushing river right outside our door. In Tanzania, this luxury setting meets Old World Africa in a special blend of high-end and primitive.

Tented camps offer the same level of service and amenities of a high-end lodge with the amazing bonus of being right in the middle of nature. Sleeping with the sounds of the wild around you is exhilarating and gives you the full African experience. Imagine lying in a heavenly bed about to fall asleep and hearing the distant roar of a lion… it doesn’t get more authentic than that!

Take it from Cruise & Tour President & Founder Peggy Crull: “The tented camp experience is a must for every safari. You’re out in the bush in this rustic setting, surrounded by animals but living in the lap of luxury. If your safari doesn’t include this experience, you haven’t truly been on safari.”

Lake Masek Tented Lodge and Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge are a highlight of our Tanzania Wildlife Safari, and a big part of what makes the experience so special. Unlike many tented camps that are semi-permanent, moving around throughout the year to stay with wildlife movement, these camps are permanent. They are in ideal locations in the Serengeti, so they don’t need to move.

Peggy explains, “Our tented camps are small with locations chosen based on the migratory patterns of each season. The big safari operators tend to use the same camps year-round regardless of where the big herds are. We go where the animals go to keep you close to the action.”

Lake Masek Tented Lodge, located by the shores of Lake Masek in Ndutu, is perfectly situated between the vast plains of the Serengeti National Park and the northwest side of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the primary setting of the Great Migration. It’s on these surrounding plains that wildebeest cows congregate in the thousands to give birth. The intention is to overwhelm the predators by sheer numbers when the young calves are at their most vulnerable but, as you’d expect, there are plenty of predators and action at this time of year, including all members of the Big Five. The camp is set up in a different part of the area every year to ensure the best view of this remarkable spectacle. From the private terrace of your tent you can observe the many animals that visit the lake in search of water.

Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge is strategically located in the heart of Serengeti National Park. It was designed with a modern African decorative style, very cozy with the right amount of luxury. It features an exquisite infinity pool that overlooks the plains of the Serengeti for a spectacular swim. Kubu Kubu is rated #3 of 128 specialty lodges in Serengeti National Park on TripAdvisor!

Both of these magnificent camps include breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as complimentary beer and wine! Meals are served in the dining room or outside with a view.

With these camps being so close to nature, you might be wondering how safe it is. While there are no fences and wild animals roam freely nearby, not to worry, it is very safe as the staff are highly knowledgeable and experienced with the wildlife in the area. Not only are they knowledgeable but they go above and beyond to ensure your comfort and happiness.

“The staff are like family,” Peggy boasts. “What a great feeling to come back after a long and exciting day in the bush to a warm smile, a cold drink, a wonderful meal and the camaraderie of your safari mates.”

If you’ve dreamed of seeing Africa, the Tanzania Wildlife Safari with Cruise & Tour is the way to do it. Peggy has been going to Tanzania for many years and has forged so many wonderful relationships there. She is so passionate about the land, wildlife and people (including the kids of the Tumaini Orphanage), which gives you a deep, personal experience that will change you.

By Mike Capalbo
Group Products Specialist